I prefer to travel and paint from life or a combination of photographs and life. If the lighting and image resolution is acceptable I can also paint from the photo references you provide. The prices below are approximate because the size of the painting will often be adjusted to compliment your decor. Travel expenses are estimated on an individual basis. 

10 x 20″ $1,575

16 x 20″ $2,075

18 x24″ $2,775

15 x 30″ $3,275

24 x 30″ $3,595

24 x 36″ $5,095

30 x 40″ $7,375

36 x 48″ $9,575

The process is as follows:

• Meet with you – in-person or virtually to understand what the subject means so much to you and what parts are more important to you than others. We also talk about size, format, etc.

• I create a digital mock-up of your painting in order to get your approval. We have a second meeting to discuss any changes you would suggest.

• Then I will paint your piece! I will provide a timeline and drop-off or shipping information.

All fees are for unframed artwork. Framing style and cost is determined as the commission progresses. After the painting is complete, photos will be emailed for your approval. Afterward, your artwork will be framed, insured, packed, and shipped to you in time for your unveiling. Crating and shipping charges vary by state and will be determined after you decide on the size of the painting. 

I ask for a 50% deposit at the start of the commission and the remaining 50% upon delivery of the completed painting. 

Please reach out to me at to schedule a time to talk further.

Please note all sales are final unless the artwork arrives damaged.

“Working with Michelle, who painted my swans, was an easy process. From the initial consultation to the final product, the process was incredibly smooth and enjoyable. Michelle’s communication skills were
top-notch, she listened to my ideas and preferences, making sure that the artwork would meet my expectations. The subject is very important to me, she was painting an award winning photo that I took of the swans on my pond. Throughout the project, Michelle demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity. Her skillful use of loose brushstrokes, bright colors, shading and attention to light made my artwork, hers. I couldn’t be happier.”
~ P .Robinson


The Painting Spark

I started painting 9 months ago. I have several years of creating illustrations for various clients throughout my career, even working in-house as a designer I was able to create unquie watercolor illustrations for a Coopervision book, however, it wasn’t…