The Painting Spark

I started painting 9 months ago. I have several years of creating illustrations for various clients throughout my career, even working in-house as a designer I was able to create unquie watercolor illustrations for a Coopervision book, however, it wasn’t until a friend passed late summer last year did I commit to painting several paintings a week.

I had always known at some point I would make painting a priority but the disturbing realization that my friend had passed shocked me into taking action much sooner. I could hear her voice in my head saying, “why wait, Michelle?” So began my painting journey.

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At first, I began with painting on my kitchen table, four paints and a picture of a landscap and fell in love with the process and learning almost over night.

Start Small

The truth is there are many things over the years that have caught my attention and I’ll admit I bounce around a lot when it comes to my artistic endeavors, but I’m always meticulous in that if I start something I will finish it, even to my own detriment sometimes. This time was different, maybe it was the inspiration? Maybe it was my goal I set for myself. But I’m 9 months in and all I can say is don’t wait to fill your cup of soul and creativity.


Here are three ways to move past wanting to make something happen and setting the ball in motion whether your an artist or a newbie in business.

  • Start Small. Start with a small set of paintbrushes or a business name. You don’t have to have the best materials to create something utterly wonderful.
  • Set a realistic goal. If you have feasibly painted 1 painting a week or drawing or whatever tickles your fancy, then do that. Don’t over-commit yourself.
  • Put perfectionism aside, friends. I’m all too familiar with the perfectionism voice. saying, if it’s not perfect it’s not good enough. Being in the flow of your art or work is what makes it special. I remember when I first started painting I would just paint to get to the end, then I started painting for the process and the feeling it gave me deep in my soul.

Finding small ways to start creating a life full of creativity starts with you and these small but important steps. Who Inspires you? What dreams do you have?


Hoping to collect a Michelle original?

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